Editing is the act of changing the content of the page. This article will guide you through the interface and have you editing in no time!

Buttons-left to right Edit

Bold buttonEdit

This is the button on the far left. When you hit it, the text '''Bold text''' should appear in the editing box. Left alone, this would produce:

Bold text

Now replace "Bold text" with the text you wish to appear bold; in this case, we'll use "Custom text". This should be the outcome:

Custom text

Now that you've got that down, let's move on to the next button.

Italic text Edit

This one's next to the bold button. When pressed, it will produce ''Italic text''. That would show as this:

Italic text

Now, as with the bold button, let's replace the default text with "Custom text". This is what will display once you save the page:

Custom text

Internal linkEdit

This one is situated next to the Italic button. It's used to link to other pages within the wiki. Text replacing works the same as the Bold and Italic buttons, but here's the catch: You can customize the links' displayed name! Here, I'll show you how to do so:

Let's start with the standard link text. Hitting the button will spawn this: [[Link title]] That would produce:

Link title

Notice that the link is red; that means the page hasn't been created yet. Since we're trying to link to a page that does exist, we'll use the Main Page for an example. To make a standard link, we'll just type

Main Page

And there's your link. Ah, but we're looking for a nifty link name, aren't we? Well, for a bit of humor to spruce it up, we'll name it "i like pie". Put a "|" between the page's name and "i like pie". In the box, this will be what you'll see:

[[Main Page|i like pie]]

This sure-to-get-deleted link will show up:

i like pie

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