Interviews Edit

Collecting firsthand information in the form of interviews with the people behind the growth of wikis will make this project highly relevant and interesting to both readers and other potential contributors. Below are some of the people we'd like to interview in the course of this research process.

Interview Candidates Edit

  • Brion Vibber, programmer and CTO of MediaWiki (or now of Wikia?)
  • Angela Beesley, cofounder of Wikia (as well as other Wikia employees who would be interested)
  • Jimbo Wales (once we're big enough to attract his attention)
  • Mitch Kapor, and his ideas about wiki politics:
  • Steve Hargadon, a blogger and educational technologist: (Steve has agreed to an interview, now to write some questions.)
    • Other "web 2.0 educators", there are a number on the EdTech mailing list who might be interested (including Ken Bolton?)
  • Dan Bricklin, creator of wikiCalc
  • Peter Thoeny, creator of TWiki
  • Ward Cunningham, inventor of wikis
  • someone from Google (Chris DiBona, maybe?), they're rumored to use wikis everywhere
  • Christian Einfeldt of Digital Tipping Point, or Adam Doxtater, founder of Mad Penguin
  • Mark Shuttleworth, for his plan to create wiki textbooks covering South Africa's curriculum:
  • People who are creating businesses around wikis, like the founders of Wikispaces, JotSpot, PBWiki, Schtuff (now defunct, but founded by the JanRain team)

Possible Questions Edit

  • When did you first encounter a wiki, or the idea of wikis? Did it appeal to you immediately, were you suspicious of the concept, or did you hate it at first?
  • How long have you been working with wikis? How have they changed the way you work, both online and offline?
  • Is there another technology you've encountered in the past that you felt was as significant a paradigm shift?
  • What direction do you see wiki technology headed in the future?
  • What about market opportunities enabled by wikis? Are they the next big web hit, like blogging?
  • Have you had any specific experiences in which you used a wiki to solve a problem that otherwise would have been impossible, or far more difficult, to overcome?
  • Have you introduced new people to using wikis? What kinds of reactions have you seen?
  • Some see wikis as an expansion of the concept of Open Source Software into broader fields of knowledge. Others think that code is code, and shared information is another thing entirely. What do you feel about these two points of view?
  • Do you have anything else you'd like to discuss?

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