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The Tiny Guide to Wikis and Wikipedia

"The Tiny Guide to Wikis and Wikipedia" is a project to collaboratively write a simple, easy-to-use guide to wikis.

Conceived by Benjamin Horst and James Benstead in 2007, the original goal was to cover two broad avenues of inquiry: a technical introduction to the use of wiki software (including multiple wiki engines, from MediaWiki to TWiki, wikiCalc, and others), and a sociological study of the Wikipedia itself, focusing on how it works as a community, its similarities to the Free Software world, and its central role as one of the world's preeminent Free Culture projects.

After a period of writing and developing these concepts as a living wiki, Ben and James intended to publish a printed book copy of this work.

However, the wiki fell dormant quickly, and was adopted by Gp75motorsports. Its new goal is to create a simpler way to learn the nuances of editing wikis, as well as a look at the software which drives wikis.

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