We may be close to some kind of zeitgeist, if the January publication of Wikis For Dummies is anything to go by... (ISBN 0470043997)

Link to this site from, and drive traffic by posting to some mailing lists, particularly the EdTech mailing list.

Our interviews will also drive a lot of traffic to the site, once we begin them.

Friends' sites include Christian Einfeldt's, and

Free Culture groups will be interested. We should invite student Free Culture groups to participate. The NYU Free Culture group could make a good starting point. (And there is an annual Free Culture summit that we can attend.)

We need to be interviewed by Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report. He's been very interested in Wikipedia and online trends, so I think he'd be interested in our project, once we have opened it to the public. And, his show is taped right here in NYC. I wonder if he'd fly you in for a co-interview? -BH

Launch Strategy Edit

We'll need to build publicity to get contributors and readers when we launch to the public. I suggest we submit the site to social bookmarking services including, StumbleUpon,, Digg, Slashdot, and Boing Boing. I think these sites will really like our concept. We'll also submit to,, technorati (if appropriate). Keep searching for more tech blogs and news sites to submit to.

Since Boing Boing posted a link about the book Wikinomics, I think we can get picked up by them too, on launch. We'll want to submit occasional updates to keep feeding interest.

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